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The following were projects were all accomplished through builder donated time and our associates donating materials and time. 

We assisted in building a gazebo/Information center in Grayling.

Through builders and donated materials, we built a 16'x30' additions for a handicapped boy in Roscommon. 

A 20'x24' kitchen was built at the Roscommon County Fair Grounds.

We participated in the Adopt a Highway program for six years.

Repairs were made to the Richardson School House in Roscommon.

A porch addition was added to the Houghton Lake Playhouse.




We awarded $32,700.00 in scholarships to students in our jurisdiction:  Roscommon area schools, Houghton Lake area schools, Grayling area schools. 

Nathaniel Mead

Kristen Harvey

Chelsea Curriston

Marc Selon

Brian Ruby

Justin Parker

John Danielak

Joseph Strelchuk

Michael Faust

Jason Puls

Ray Trudgeon

Zachary Richard

Joshua Well

Kathleen Lawrence

Kaitlin Adamski

Brent Adams

Adam Rasmusson

Logan Woodley

Shannon Wahl

Matthew Ginther

Tony Gonzalez

Scott Chrispell

Steven Bugyi

Robert Collin

Kevin Camp

Cody Hinds

Chris Gielincki

Ann Delano Hamlin

Bridget Black

Sarah Bradley

Kelly Jasper

Jennifer Marshall

Liane Ware

Mike Schmidt

Adam Harvey

Kurt Chrispell

Daniel Dankert

Anna Sloup

Richelle Grosskopf

Melinda Saxton

William Wahl

Justin Riehle

Aaron Perrin

James Kenney

Eldon Down

Becky Roberts

Scott Wallington

Jamie Zelek

Justin McNeill

Kelsey Barber

Robert Dent

Ryan Halstead


Community Grant Recipients:  

2014 Recipients: 

Big Brothers, Big Sisters

River House

2015 Recipients:

A.R. K. (Association to Rescue Kritters

Houghton Lake Historical Society

2016 Recipients:

Roscommon Girls Basketball Camp

Markey Township bicyle helmets

2017 Recipients:

North Central Cooperative Parish

Abundant Grace Assembly of God

2018 Recipients:

Roscommon Girls Basketball Camp

2019 Recipients:

North Central Cooperative Parish

Houghton Lake Jaguars

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