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Top Reasons Why Your Child Should Consider a Career in Construction

The residential construction industry is filled with talented and creative individuals who build homes that strengthen communities. Not only does a career in the industry provide a sense of personal achievement, it also provides many practical benefits, such as strong earning potential, job security and opportunities for advancement.

If you’re a parent, your children’s future is always one of your top priorities. Two major factors that influence their future are education and their eventual career, which are usually closely tied together. Acquiring knowledge and skills, and then putting them to use, is part of the process where they transition to being independent and successful adults.

As you encourage and support your child’s journey on their education and career path, it’s important to consider the full range of opportunities.

February is Career and Technical Education (CTE) month, which shines a spotlight on the opportunities in the industry and recognizes the importance of the construction career pathway. CTE provides learners with the knowledge and skills they need to be prepared for college and careers. CTE gives purpose to learning by emphasizing real-world skills and practical knowledge within a selected career focus.

High Demand for CTE

  • 94% of parents approve of expanding access to career and vocational programs.

  • 86% of parents and students say they wish they could get more real-world knowledge and skills during school.

  • 54% of business leaders do not think the educational system is teaching skills needed for the workforce.

A Variety of Jobs for Every Skill Level Are Available

Occupations such as carpenters, plumbers and HVACR technicians are in high demand. These types of jobs require individuals who have skills such as being detail-oriented and active problem solvers troubleshooting a range of challenges.

Skilled Trades Offer Individuals High Earning Potential

Individuals entering the residential construction industry have the potential to earn a great salary. The top 25% in most construction trades professions earn at least $60,000 annually. And you don’t need to follow the traditional college path to get there.

Visit for more information and resources about CTE month.

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