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Welcome HBA Member! 

We are glad you joined our association.  The following pages contain some very helpful and important information.  Please visit all of the pages.  If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

By joining the Home Builders Association of North Central Lakes, you have shown your commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards.  Take part in association activities, it will make your company more visible in the community and help you gain business prospects.

When you joined the HBANCL, you automatically became a member of the Michigan Association of Home Builders and the National Association of Home Builders.  Your new memberships will grant you access to materials and information that will keep you current with the issues and trends that affect your business.  The three associations will also help you to work smarter, not harder, by becoming your best resource for legal counsel, business management assistance, and technical advice along with providing information on critical regulatory developments.  Remember, this is YOUR association.  It exists to serve YOU, and we want you to feel free to send us your ideas and suggestions. 

The HBANCL meets for one annual meeting on the 4th Wednesday of September, 6:00pm.  Your dinner is included in with your paid dues.  You may bring a guest, but you will be billed for their meal.

Some events are:  Continuing Competency classes / Education, First Aid Class, and our Hammers ‘N’ Woods Golf Outing.


Here are a few things that the Michigan Association of Home Builders has done for us:

  • The MI Uniform Energy Code becoming the first cost effective energy code to be enforced in the country.

  • Reductions in the MI Personal Income Tax and the phase out of the Single Business Tax

  • The defeat of the carpenter’s licensing bills and the Drain Code revision

  • Removal of the Construction Lien Fund 

  • Passage of the Single State Construction Code Act

  • Passage of legislation restricting building department fees and their use.

Builders / Remodelers Contract Package

This set of contracts that was created by attorneys for the Grand Rapids Home Builders Association. 

Cost:  FREE to all Home Builders Association of North Central Lakes Members - Just contact us:

*  New Home Contract - 9 pages with instructions and 11 addendums that you can choose from.
*  Remodelers Contract
*  Subcontractors Contract
*  Change Orders
*  Purchase Agreement (Brokers, builders, developers, etc.)
*  Limited Warranty and Lead Paint Booklet

They have stood the test of time and litigation.  Every builder and remodeler should be using this package. 

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