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Job Safety Box

Everyone should have a job box on-site whether it is a small one with only the basics, or a large one with many more items.  They can be store-bought, or hand made, just be sure that they are water-tight.

Several things should be in this box: 

*  A fully stocked first aid kit, mouth-to-mouth respiration protection mask and latex gloves. 

*  A fire extinguisher

*  Your material safety data sheets  (MSDS) that are on site in this box.    Remember, MSDS’s must be readily available to employees who are exposed to hazardous materials. 

*  Your written hazard communication program should also be stored in the job box.  If employees have questions about policies, the job box holds the answers.

*  The company safety program should also be a part of this box.  Many times employees have questions, but feel uncomfortable about asking them.  If the safety program policies and procedures are there on the job site, then possible confusion can be avoided.

*  In case of an emergency, the required phone numbers of hospitals and rescue personnel can be found quickly and easily when affixed to the inside of the job box cover.

Other items that can be stored here include:  extra hard hats, safety glasses/goggles, hospital booties, hand sanitizer, gloves, and operating instructions for your tools on site. 

If you have a large job box, you could post your required posters here.  But, in all reality, with the 14-16 required posters, this is probably not possible.  Just be sure that you have them posted somewhere on the job site:  in your trailer, on a board, and in your office. 

Many contractors have determined that if all these materials are available at all times during construction, then many OSHA fines can be avoided and safety can be enhanced. 

Contact us for copies of Tool Box Safety Talks for your employees.  

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